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Ordering a Goblinoid


Browse the Goblinoids that are up for adoption in the Etsy shop. The shop is updated every week or 2, and there is only one of each, no duplicates, so order quick!


Become a Orc Tier patreon supporter and work with Louie to crochet your very own goblinoid! Fill out a questionaire and Louie will make a character just for you based on your answers. Once they’re crocheted, you’ll get first dibs on the goblinoid if you choose to adopt it and a discount on them, or any different characters if you’d rather adopt a different one.


Have something specific in mind? Have Louie crochet you exactly what you’re imagining, or at least as close as he can get!


Become a Troll Tier patreon supporter to get a discounted price and a hefty discount of any prior goblinoids too!