How to Crochet
The Goblinoids

Goblinoids are what I call the overarching theme of characters in the goblin family including GoblinsTrollsOrcsOgres, and Hobgoblins.

They are often nasty buggers with nothing on their mind but war and treasure, but every now and then you get a sweet little fella who just wants to hangout and look at shiny things.

- Get the Bundle -

With the Goblinoid Pattern Bundle you can learn how to crochet all the different species with a written PDF and full video tutorials for each section! The bundle also includes instructions on how to customize your characters with hair, weapons, items, scars and warts!

Bundle includes instructions for: 

• Goblins 

• Trolls

• Orcs

• Ogres

• Hobgoblins

• Weapons

• Customizable additions (hair, warts, scars, rings, etc)

• Clothes

*Bundle does not include Treasure Pattern

Kits Now Available!

Start your own Goblinoid army! This kit includes all the materials you need to make over 6 different characters including Goblins, Trolls, Orcs, Ogres, and Hobgoblins, as well as materials for customizing your characters with scars, rings, warts and clothes! Finished characters measure from 2″ – 4″ tall (depending on the character).


*Kit includes the pattern bundle including 8 unique patterns, each with their own full length video tutorials so you never miss a stitch!

- Individual Patterns -


What do you call a vampire goblin?

Hemo Goblin!

This pattern is actually available for free! Try it out and if you like it consider purchasing the full bundle!


Don’t leave these fellas with access to your YouTube profile…


Why is orcs always angry? Cos they not as strong as Borg.


When a goblin lives past their low life expectancy and gets access to a bit too much food they become Hobgoblins!

Customizing your goblinoid

Learn how to customize your characters with hair, scars, warts, rings and more!

Weapons and Items

Learn how to make a variety of weapons and items to add to your characters including swords, shields, bows and more!


Learn how to add clothes like vests, top hats, and helmets to your goblinoids!

Treasure Chest

Learn how to make a functional treasure chest for the game!

*Not available in the bundle