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The table top game you create

Stitch'd is a table top game that I created so that I could actually use all the little goblins and orcs I was making! I play with my little crocheted pieces but you can make the pieces out of whatever you want!

Learn the rules and play at home or join me during livestream matches to see who wins the prized belt!
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Get Hooked..

I started a secondary website and YouTube channel just for crocheters! It's basically a subscription service for crocheters. I make new patterns, tutorials and kits every month for fellow hookers. I even make video tutorials for everything I put on on the site!

If you're looking for my patterns or tutorials this is where you'll find them.
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Puppet people putting on plays? Perfect!

I started crocheting my "Pod People" into puppets and putting on little puppet shows with them! Sometimes they're really short but sometimes they're more long form!
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How to crochet for complete beginners

I created a full how to crochet eBook and video series to teach anyone who wants to learn to crochet no matter how yarn illeterate you may be.

The best part? It's all for free!! I put it all up on my second website that's built just for teaching how to crochet!
Yarning for a new hobby?

Just woggle with it

What I thought was a fossilized egg on the beach ended up being an.. alien.. I think?

This is the story of the Woggles and my discoveries on this curious species of creature.
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Yarn + Animation

Sometimes stop motion, sometimes digital effects, usually magic, always yarn. Here's a list of the animations I've made using my crocheted creations!

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About Louie

In high school, I began to crochet. At first it started as a hobby and a way for me to utilize and express my artistic and creative talents, but then, as time went on, more and more people wanted hats, and eventually people asked me if they could buy them or teach them how to make what I was making! So what started as a challenge and a hobby became a business where I sell and design hats as well as patterns for hats.


So I started a YouTube channel where I made patterns, a lot of them, and got really into video editing and Amigurumi (the art of stuffed crocheted characters). A friend of mine then suggested that I start turning my how to videos into time lapses for people to enjoy that weren’t crocheters. This then stemmed into animation as I started making stop motions with my crocheted creations which I called “Yarnimations“. Slowly I started to garner a bit of a following of both hookers and non-crocheters.


A lot of people who were coming to my channel that weren’t crocheters wanted to learn, so I got an idea for a book and video series with an organized system to teach how to crochet to anyone, no matter how yarn illiterate they may be. I called it Crocheting 101.


Around the same time I realized that I really wanted my how to videos and my artistic videos, like yarnimations, to be separate from each other. I was just getting too confused with what Louie’s Loops was and I felt like my audience felt the same way. So I started a company and called it Club Crochet. Not only is this a place for me to teach how to crochet and a community for other crocheters to share things they’ve made, but also a subscription service where people could get patterns and kits with all the materials they needed shipped to their door and we could all crochet together! 

I am currently 28 years old and live with my girlfriend and kitty in San Francisco, California. I’m proud to say that I am a professional hooker. I spend every day crocheting and am consistently coming up with new ideas to use my crocheted pieces for, like table top games and puppet shows! I’m excited to be a hooker for life. I believe it’s my greatest talent and my most accomplished creative outlet.


I hope to use my art to make the world a little bit better, teach what I’ve learned, and learn from those who are willing to share their time with me. I try to dedicate everything I make and my time to what I call the three C’s of life, Creativity, Community, and Compassion. Thank you so much for spending your time with me and I hope to get you as hooked as I am!




Ps. Outside of crocheting, I also make a lot of other things like motion graphics animations, illustrations and websites. To see more of what I make check out my resume and portfolio here.