Let’s Crochet a Fairy in a Bottle

Been making these little fairies from The Legend of Zelda for a while now, but I wanted to do something different with them. I saw someone on Instagram (@callen.nadine) making my patterns using thread to make them super tiny, and I knew that I had to make a little fairy in a bottle!

I’m giving the first one to my girlfriend for sure who is a huge Zelda fan and beat Breath of the Wild like a month before me (I’m not bitter, you’re bitter…)

Really happy with how it turned out though. I used fishing line and scotch tape to make it look like it’s floating in the bottle.

Check out the full Zelda bundle I’m working on! They’re also all (except the big Hinox in the back) finger puppets!! I’m working on a little finger puppet show for them now. The patterns are almost all finished, you can get them here: http://www.ClubCrochet.com/ZELDA