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Thousand Oaks Rotary Street Fair

So last Sunday was the Rotary Street Fair in Thousand Oaks, California, where I live. It was the first street fair I’ve ever done, and all my hard work paid off because I did pretty well!
The one really disappointing thing about the street fair is that I brought my camera and took tons of beautiful photos, only to come to the realization later that I had forgotten to put a memory card in the camera… *facepalm. I feel so dumb haha. But I caught a bit of luck and took a few with my phone. Those who showed up also got a sneak preview into some of the new hats I’m going to be coming out with this next month! I also got some really great ideas about some new hats, and selling at boutiques. So those of you that were there and saw some hats that you can’t find here on the shop, please be patient, they’re on their way, just need to take the photos first! Thank you for everything! I had tons of fun! I can’t wait for my next street fair! So feel free to check out the photos that I have of the event below!

Avocado Festival 2011

Today, my parents, my girlfriend and I went to the 25th anual avocado festival! We had tons of fun, and I got a lot of great ideas for next weeks street fair. Oh yah, if you happen to be in the neighborhood of Thousand Oaks, California, come on down to the Rotary Street Fair, I’ll be there, with a booth and everything. If you can’t make it, no problem, there will be tons of photos and a blog entry afterwards!

Anyhow, while we were at the avocado festival, we saw some really neat booths with some cool stuff for sale. And to commemorate the festival, I made an avocado hat!

So check out some of the cool pictures, ideas and neat things I found at the avocado festival!

These cute key necklaces are a handmade product of Lynne Hinz, who owns Maji Designs. I thought they looked really well made. You can find more of Lynne’s designs at

This woman made a very unique type of jewelery that I have never seen before. She grew very tiny flowers and then solidified them in glass to make necklaces and rings. It was really amazing to see, and then look closer and see actual flowers in the jewelery. Very neat. A link to her site coming soon.

This booth made really cool metal sculptures. They were very detailed and included bugs, animals, vehicles, and tons of syfy creatures like preditor. It was actually pretty neat. You can see more of Metal Soul’s work at

So we had a really great time at the 25th Annual Avocado Festival, saw some great crafts, got some good ideas, and ate some awesome food. If you’re ever in Carpinteria in October, make sure you get to see the Avocado Festival!