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How to crochet: a Mini Anatomical Human Heart

I know what you’re thinking, “Yo, Louie, where you been? I’m dying for some patterns and you’re so amazing wow.” Stop! I’m blushing… but I’m not surprised.

Well I’m back! And to start off strong I have a couple of new patterns for Valentines Day! See, who want’s to give their loved ones a boring old normal heart… so 2014, this year actually give him/her your heart by using one of these patterns for an Anatomical Human Heart!!

The big version is up on my Etsy for 3.99 here, and the little version is free and down below!! Happy Valentines day ya hookers.

-Lily Sugar ‘n Cream (Red, Light Blue, and Pink)
-Size US-G/4.00 mm Crochet Hook
-Needle to sew in ends

-Sc : Single Crochet : Slip Stitch
-M.p : Mini Picot (ch 2, into 2nd ch from the hook)
-Dec/Inc : Decrease/Increase
-St : Stitch or stitches
Gauge : 5 Rnds and 4 stitches per 1”
Finished piece is about 1” tall
Worked in the round

Mini Arteries (1:45)
Ch 2, working in back loops into 2nd ch from the hook.

“T” Artery (3:10)
Ch 4
Skip first ch, into the next 2 chs.
Ch 4
Skip first ch, into the next 3 chs. into the ch from Rnd 1, into first ch made

Arched Artery (6:20)
Ch 11
Skip first ch, into the next 3 chs.
m.p (mini picot [ch 2, into 2nd ch from the hook]),, m.p,, m.p into next 5 chs.

Main Body (10:25)
Ch 2
(10: 25) Rnd 1: sc 6 into the 2nd ch from the hook (6) Don’t Turn
(11:00) Rnd 2: sc in first st, inc in next, sc, inc, sc, inc (9)
(12:45) Rnd 3: inc in first st, sc in next 2, inc in next, sc in next 2, inc in next, sc in next 2 (12)
(13:45)Rnd 4 – 6: sc one in each st (12)
(Part 2) Rnd 7: dec in each st (6)
Sew on the various arteries here (video 2). Cut, stuff and sew shut.

If you want to make a big lifesized version of the heart go check out my Etsy here where you can get it!! It includes a video tutorial too!!

How to Crochet: Open Heart

Valentines day is coming up and with it comes my second crochet video! So here’s the plan for videos, I’ll be trying to post a new How to Crochet / Pattern video every other Friday on my Youtube, then I’ll post about them here and on my Facebook Sunday or Monday! If you want to see them first thing than please subscribe to my Youtube channel! It helps out a lot.
Without further ado heres the new video and pattern for a crocheted heart! 

Lion Brand Baby’s First Yarn
6.5mm Size K/10.5 Crochet Hook
-Needle to sew in ends with

-sc = Single Crochet = Slip Stitch
-m.p = Mini Picot (ch 2, in first ch)
-Ch = Chain
-Rnd = Round

Rnd 1: Ch 8, m.p, ch 8. Connect ch with
Rnd 2: Sc 11 around chains, skip over m.p made in Rnd 1, sc 11 around remaining chs. one into first sc made.
Cut and pull through.
Sew ends into heart in two different directions to get a pointed end.

And that’s all! Pretty simple right? Check back next week for a new pattern!

Crocheting to Your Heart’s Content

Having trouble thinking of what to get a loved one? I made this for my girlfriend for Valentines day this year. I figured, if I was going to give her anything, why not give her my heart! 🙂
She liked it. 🙂 Here’s a few more photo’s of my most vital organ haha.
and of course my heart would be made out of yarn. 🙂
Because this was a special gift for her, I don’t plan on coming out with a pattern. Besides, I was only born with one! So this was my idea for her gift, what do you guys think? Mother’s day is coming up soon, and I’m always looking for some good ideas! Anybody have any?