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Etsy Roundup: Knope’s Nick Nacks

Arguably one of the funniest shows of all time, Parks & Rec will be sorely missed. So, reader, you beautiful tropical fish, please treat yo-self to some retail therapy to soothe the burn. We’ll all be okay, probably.

Starting off strong, this hand-embroidered quote hits hard and succinctly described Andy Dwyer in a nutshell. This would be perfect in any dorm, office, or large hole. Bert Macklin would absolutely approve.

Affordable, garbage-can chic, and featuring the Best Band Ever. This pin is a definite no-brainer, and will earn you some serious punk-points if affixed to a leather/jean jacket. Score. The thing is, you can only wear this pin if you can name more than 5 songs. Otherwise, you’re just a middle-school poser.


P.S. Bye-bye Lil’ Sebastian doesn’t count. It is simply too good.


3. Treat Yo Self Hand Hoop
Listen, we all need be kind to ourselves. Buy cashmere slippies, robes of pure satin, etc.  Consider this purchase much healthier than splurging on Krispy Kremes and Chef Boyardee. Tip: Treating yo self should not include severe stomach pain and nausea.)


4. Perdvert Pin
Mmm, imagine all the shocked double-takes you’ll get wearing this pin. Sure, mom’s will probably cross the street with their kids to avoid you and your leather/jean jacket self, but that’s all part of your plan. You’re here to support Perd, statements of the obvious, and Pawnee.


5. Parks & Rec Candles
Oh yes, son. These are 100% real and transcend normal rules of budgeting. Just about PERFECT for that shrine you’ve been building. Once you’ve burned the candle, just clean out the wax residue and you have a Jesus-Leslie that you can drink grape juice out of. Functional!


6. Ron Swanson Brooch
I’ll be honest: I thought brooch’s were something that only spinsters and evil stepmothers wore. This appeals to me on a deep and spiritual level that I can’t really explain. The biggest reason this is on the list is because I would look so good in this brooch. People would stop me in the streets and they would know that I can appreciate a fine piece of wood and am very strangely and dysfunctionally attracted to librarians.


7. April Parks & Rec Poster
Have truer words ever been spoken? This poster would be a great gift, or a great addition to any hole or dumpster you choose to hide in while telling your girlfriend you’re living in Europe.

There you have it, some of our favorite Parks & Rec items on Etsy. Did we miss anything? We’ve got some ideas for possible patterns and products we’d like to offer to pay homage to Parks & Rec, like this mini Ron Swanson up on Etsy, with it’s pattern too!! 

Comment down below if you’d like to see more Parks & Rec on Louie’s Loops!

Etsy Roundup: Batman’s Other Utility Belt

Da-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh, BATMAN! I hope you guys aren’t sick of Bruce Weezy (aka Batman), because we spent entirely too long finding the coolest Etsy things available pertaining to our favorite tortured hero.

We’re starting this nerd-train with subtlety, showcasing this minimalist phone decal. For those who aren’t willing to commit fully to the insanity that is fandom life; this is a great choice. The style of the decal fits seamlessly with iPhone and most smartphone designs, for an understated and cool effect. This is how you get the opposite sex to know that you’re interesting and alternative, but you’re also down to watch football on the weekends and get Taco Bell. The best of both worlds!

2. Bane Mask

Functional and stylish, there is actually no reason we can think of not to purchase this awesome hat. Is it a hat? It sort of covers your face, so let’s call it a Face Hat. This Face Hat instantly gives you the power to break billionaires backs and change the course of the free world. Well, not really. But, think about how warm your nose will be!

3. Vinyl Record Clock

Dude, what more is there to say? Made from recycled records, this clock is a panty-dropper for sure. It’s affordable, cool, and will always let you know how late you are to social engagements! Bonus!

For all you puddin’s out there: don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. This Harley Quinn cosplay mask is seriously CHOICE. With professional grade quality, this durable mask instantly gives you at least +5 hot points. Maybe more. Let’s see your sledgehammer, and then we’ll talk. This shop also offers a variety of other masks and colors. Even as a stand alone piece, this makes a great costume. Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of running around with a mask in their car in case of emergencies? You never know when you might need to save the day.

Well, this is more terrifying than anything else but OH MY GLOB check out dat realism. While part of me is hesitant to include this (because HELLO, nightmares!) the craftsmanship is seriously too good to ignore. While it may be out of your budget for a costume, these masks could also work as installment art or the Coolest Office Decor Of All Time. Dibs on the babe with the comb-over.

6. Batman Shirt

Pretty sweet threads, huh? The biggest thrill comes from the coziness factor, but puns done this well deserve credit. Comfy and cool, I dig it. There are a lot of different styles available, but this one is a favorite.

7. Handmade Nightwing Wooden Magnet

First off, this magnet is apparently made out of Blood Wood. Who knows what weird shamanistic powers this magnet contains? For the low price of $13, you could possibly clean the streets of Gotham or hang up your next set of Domino’s coupons. The possibilities are endless.

So, what do you think? Did we include all of your favorite Batman regalia? Don’t forget to check out some free Batman patterns here. Also I just made a bunch of Batman amiurugumi available in the shop, too, along with the patterns to make them!

Also don’t forget to use the code: BATMAN at checkout to get 15% off!!