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Introducing the Scarf-Hat!

There are many different meanings for scaft hat. It can mean a sweat jazzy type of singing, it can be a word for poop, and now, its a mix between a scarf and a hat! Introducing…. drum roll please….

The Scarf-Hat!

Comes in 3 different types at the moment, Fox, Classic, and Santa (with attachable elf ears)

Click on the images to view more!

These Scarf-Hats are built for warmth, comfort and individuality! They’re built to be both a hat/beanie and a scarf!

New designs coming very soon, so check back!!

Christmas in July

Now, I know its not July, but I was in the Christmas spirit and I’ve been meaning to make a good Santa hat pattern for my booth in October.

Oh yah, if you happen to be in the Thousand Oaks area on October 16th I’m having a booth at the 20th Annual Thousand Oaks Street Fair on Moorpark road! For more information and directions click here.

Anyhow, back to business. I made them in red and green, and I think I’m gonna put elf ears on them soon too! So anyhow, here’s some photos of my cousin Sara wearing the Santa hats.

I don’t have the pattern written down just yet, you’re just gonna have to wait for Christmas I guess!