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Making a set

In Stitch’d you can have your pieces made any way you want! I crochet mine, and I can teach you how, but you can make your pieces out of anything, Play-doh, LEGOs, even origami! Below I even have printable version that you can download, print and color at home!


Your characters base should be around 1.5” in diameter for the smaller characters like Goblins, Orcs, and Trolls. And about 2.5” in diameter for the larger characters like Ogres and Hobgoblins.


The important thing is to remember to keep similar sizes throughout your characters. If you’re playing with two different sets made by different people and aren’t sure, then cut out a piece of paper or cardboard in the size requirements and have characters stand on them to make it fair (you may have to pin / tape these on).

What to make

Besides a playing card, a six sided dice, and some post-it notes, to play a typical game of Stitch’d you’ll need to make the following items. Each item will include the dimensions for the base diameter of the pieces.



When you play, characters will measure distance from the base of your pieces, so try to make sure all your character pieces have a similar base to one another. To be certain, make a base for your pieces using paper or cardboard.

• 1 Treasure1.5 inches minimum 
This is where you’ll be getting gold from mining. Try making something that you would get money from, like a treasure chest. Bonus points if you can actually take the coins from the treasure, but that’s not really necessary.


• 1 Relic – 1.5 inches minimum

This is where you’ll be casting a magic spell. Try making something that might have magical properties, like a statue, totem pole, or fountain. Make sure there is a way to track 5 successful casts, like having 5 holes somewhere on your piece where you can fit gems into, or having a place where you can stack them.


5 Gems per team (10 total) – 1 inch or smaller
These should be made or chosen to go well with the relic. Like having gems with pointed ends that you can stick into the relic, or buttons with flat tops and bottoms that can be easily stacked.


• 6 Coins – 1 inch or smaller
These are just to keep track of your money in the game. You don’t actually have to make them and can use real coins instead, but I feel it adds to the game when the coins are hand-made too.


8 to 12 character piecessize varies
The pieces you play with in game depend on what you want to spend money on, so the amount of pieces you should make can vary. I suggest making at least 2 goblins, 2 orcs, 2 trolls, 2 ogres, and maybe a hobgoblin, but you should likely make a few more of each and maybe some items like food so that there are more you can purchase if the opportunity arrises. 
  – Goblins1.5 inches
  – Trolls1.5 inches
  – Orcs1.5 inches
  – Ogres2.5 inches
  – Hobgoblins 2.5 inches
  – Food1 inch or smaller


• Terrane *optional – boxes any sizes 
When you set up a battle field you can also add terrane for characters to move up or around. These can be as simple as just books stacked up together, or can be hand built to match the rest of the set. This part is completely optional.

How to set it up

Battlefields can be wherever you’d like. I suggest at least a 3 x 3 foot space (or a dining room table size). You can also place terrane on the court by adding boxes or books.


Set up the battlefield with a relic and a treasure. Your relics and treasures should be an equal distance from both home bases.

I like to set up the relic and treasure like this:

This way the path to the relic is more of a journey! You can set up the battlefield however you want. Just make sure that everything is an equal distance from both home bases.

Types of sets

Crocheting a set

I play Stitch’d using pieces that I have crocheted but you don’t have to crochet them if you don’t know how. 


If you know how to crochet and want to crochet some for yourself I created crochet patterns and video tutorials for all of the Goblinoids.


If you don’t know how to crochet, you should learn! I wrote a whole free book and video series called Crocheting 101: How to Crochet for Complete Beginners which you can find at!

Kits Now Available!

Start your own Goblinoid army! This kit includes all the materials you need to make over 6 different characters including Goblins, Trolls, Orcs, Ogres, and Hobgoblins, as well as materials for customizing your characters with scars, rings, warts and clothes! Finished characters measure from 2″ – 4″ tall (depending on the character).


*Kit includes the pattern bundle including 8 unique patterns, each with their own full length video tutorials so you never miss a stitch!

Learn to crochet for free with Crocheting 101!

Printing a set

If you’re not really interested in building a whole set with crafts, or just want to try out the game before you commit, try out this printable version of all the pieces I had made!


You’ll just need scissors and tape to assemble them once they’re printed and there are full color versions and printer friendly (black and white) versions that you can color yourself.

Share your pieces

Wanna get more ideas or share the designs you’ve made? Check out the Stitch’d subreddit, r/Stitchd


This subreddit is built for people to talk about Stitch’d, share pieces they have made, ask questions, share strategies and stories. Be kind and courteous to others, don’t say messed up stuff or be outright mean to someone on purpose please.

Hey I’m Louie and for a few years I’ve been addicted to crocheting goblins, orcs, ogres and trolls. So much, in fact, that tribe by tribe they began taking over my house. That is until I created Stitch’d. Now they battle for glory and my honor! Hope you like my game!

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