Crochet the Fashionable Way

Finally, a new FREE pattern for you guys, and I made it into a cool, fancy PDF too!

So I was bored one day and wanted to make a bow tie, I looked all over for patterns on making one, but all I could find were patterns for pre-tied bow ties, and where’s the fun in that! So I made my own :). I thought, well since there aren’t any I could find, I might as well post one. You can buy one of these bow ties too, right here.

Here are some photos, scroll down to view and download the pattern.

Crocheted Bow Tie Pattern


*EDIT* 8/31/12

So here’s the free pattern for download via Ravelry.

Download the pattern HERE <—

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Don’t forget, you can buy one of these bow ties too! HERE

Here’s the dealio, I want to be able to give all my patterns for free, and I would if I could, but I can’t. I can’t because it takes lots of time to make them and make sure it looks pretty, and I’m a student and don’t make a lot of money as it is, so here’s my idea, if you like this pattern please hit the button to the top right to donate a little something; you don’t have to (obviously) but it would mean a lot to me and show me that people do want more patterns.

14 thoughts on “Crochet the Fashionable Way

  1. Louis

    I think you would continue Rnd 49-199 until it equals 15 1/2 inches, but I'm not entirely sure. The best way is to probably get a bow tie that you know fits, measure it from end to end and make you're entire piece that long. It all depends on your gauge. Measure Rnds 1-49 and multiply it by two, then subtract that number by how long the bow tie you know fits is and you'll get the length of Rnds 49-199; it will probably be 15 1/2 inches (I think). Sorry if that just confused the crud out of you haha. I would be confused too. Let me know if that helps at all!

    Thanks for the question!

  2. Lace Angel

    It's a shame that the service you are using, is now telling people that they have to be a premiun (paying) member in order to download a free pattern. Did you know that they "changed their policy"? I had a couple of grandson's that would have liked this.

  3. eslby92

    I'm trying to make this tie as a surprise for someone, I know they have about a 14" neckline but don't know long to do those rounds because I'm guessing a little extra is needed to do the actual tying? Does anyone know how much extra I might need to allow? It doesn't have to be a perfect fit but I was just wondering roughly how much longer than your actual collar measurement that part of the tie would be usually (if that makes any sense), I don't own any myself so can't check.


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