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La Chaise Bleu and her Giveaway!

Hey guys, I’d like to introduce you to my friend Denielle. She runs the shop La Chaise Bleu where she makes and sells jewelry, very unique too I might add. She’s also doing a giveaway! Rules and whatnot are at the end of the post! Here are some of my favorite things from her shop…

Very different and cool African Beetle Ring

She also sells some really cool vintage stuff like this Antique Wood Textile Stamp

Now comes the best part!! She’s doing a giveaway! And here’s what you can win…

These are my favorite things she’s posted so far, simple and awesome. These earrings are made from glass and are brand new to her shop! Best yet, they’re only $15, and there’s free shipping on everything in her store! So here are the rules for the giveaway:

You can enter twice by Liking “La Chaise Bleu” on Facebook, or by sharing the post regarding this post on either my Facebook Page or hers, or by doing both!

Winner will be chosen at random and receive one (1) pair of glass earrings by La Chaise Bleu of their choice. You’ll be Facebook messaged directly by Denielle herself for the info regarding the shipping information.

Christmas Giveaway!!!

Hey guys! So check this out, a friend, Alex, who runs asked me if I wanted to do a giveaway on her blog! Of course, I happily agreed. The giveaway is for one of the WWII Rosie the Riveter Headbands I make, and you can win one!

All you have to do is check out the post here, become a member of Peppermint Plum (you must be a member to enter the giveaway), and leave a comment on the post telling us which color you would love to have!

The winner will be announced Tuesday, December 20th

But have no worries, if you don’t win you can buy the headband here for only 13$, or, buy the pattern here for only 3$!!

So check it out! Good luck!!!

Winner for the November Giveaway!

So Sunday was the end of the November Giveaway, and the winner is…….

Casa De La Zombies!

She was the first to guess the one answer that was the only one everyone got, which was #2, The elf hat. But heres the problem, Casa De La Zombies, if youre reading this, I don’t have any way to send you your winnings, or contact you, so if you can, comment on this, or email me at [email protected] so I can send you it! Haha

So here are the answers!


So this is supposed to be a fox tail, the finished product is coming very soon.


Like I said before, this is an elf hat with removable ears, haha. Pretty similar to the wizard hat posted a few weeks ago.


This one is easily the most difficult.
Okay, so this one wasn’t really fair to be honest. :/ sorry. It’s a couple of sideburns, that can be put on glasses. You should see it later this week, along with the pattern. Again, sorry about making it confusing haha.

Thanks again to everyone who guessed, and keep checking back for more giveaways, and the hats and patterns that will be coming soon! And again, Casa De La Zombies, contact me please!

November Giveaway, just a couple days left!

So the end of the giveaway I posted a couple weeks ago is on Sunday!! So quick, get your answers in! Here are the three items again, just post in what you think they are, and you can win one of them! 🙂 Here are the more in depth rules.




This one is easily the most difficult.

So I guess they’re kinda tough, so here’s a hint, and I’ll try not to tell any tall tails, the last one involves No Shave November. Good Luck!! 🙂

Early November Giveaway Game!

So Novembers almost here, and with it, will be coming some great new crafts and patterns! But the things I’m planning are not exactly finished yet. So, I thought why not give a sneak preview of whats to come, as well as making it into a game! With a prize of course. 🙂

So here are three different items that are not finished yet, but are on their way, and enough done to be able to tell what they are. But it’s not going to be easy. The rules of the game are pretty simple, you have to guess what each of the items are and post your guesses in the comment box below or on Facebook. Whoever comments with the most correct answers fastest will be shipped one of the items! Pretty simple. This game will end on November 15th because that’s when I’m going to start posting the answers! Good Luck!

Here are the items to guess:




This one is easily the most difficult.

(click images to view larger)

So there you have it! Let the games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor!