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Lion Patterns!

As I promised yesterday, check out the ferocious new pattern by Lucy (Blog / Etsy), here it is, Boris the Lion!

Boris The Tiny Lion
Amigurumi Pattern

ch = chain
st = stitch or stitches
sc = single crochet (US), double crochet (UK)
dc = double crochet (US), treble crochet (UK)
hdc = half double crochet (US), half treble crochet (UK)
BLO = back loop only
FLO = front loop only
tog = together
sc2tog = decrease by working two sc together
FO = fasten off

General instructions:
Work in rounds unless otherwise stated and do not join rounds unless told to. Use a stitch marker to mark the start of a round – a small piece of different coloured yarn placed under the stitch at the start of the round will do. To start a round, you can use the magic ring method, but I prefer (ch2, work 6 sc into 1st ch). If you work the 6 sc over the tail of yarn as well you can use that to pull the hole tight.

Work through both loops of stitches unless otherwise indicated.

You will need:
Small amount of yellow/gold yarn.
Small amount of brown yarn.
Small amount of black yarn.
Small amount of stuffing.
3.5mm (E) hook.

Special stitch instructions:
5 dc pop: popcorn stitch for legs. Work 5 dc into 1 st, take hook out leaving loop, put hook through 1st dc & pull loop through.

3 dc bob: bobble stitch for mane. YOH, insert hook into next stitch, YOH and pull through stitch, YOH, pull through 2 loops, *YOH, insert hook into same stitch, YOH and pull through stitch, YOH, pull through 2 loops, repeat from*, YOH, pull through all 4 loops on hook.

Start using yellow/gold yarn.
Round 1: Ch 2, work 6 sc into 1st ch – 6 st.
Round 2: [2 sc in next st, sc in next st] 3 times – 9 st.
Round 3: Sc in each st around – 9 st.
Round 4: [2 sc in next st, sc in next 2 st] 3 times – 12 st.
Round 5: [2 sc in next st, sc in next st] 6 times – 18 st.
Round 6: Sc in each st around – 18 st.
Change to brown yarn.
Round 7: [Sc in next st, 3 dc bob in next st] 9 times – 18 st.
(Push the bobbles outwards after each round.)
Round 8: Sc in next st, [sc in next st, 3 dc bob in next st] 8 times, sc in next st – 18 st. (Optional: to make ears do the 2nd and 5th bobbles in the yellow/gold yarn).
Round 9: [Sc in next st, 3 dc bob in next st] 9 times – 18 st.
Change to yellow/gold yarn.
Round 10: [2 sc in next st] 2 times, sc in next 12 st, [2 sc in next st] 4 times – 24 st.
Round 11: 5 dc pop in next st, sc in next 19 st, 5 dc pop in next st, sc in next 3 st – 24 st.
Round 12: Sc2tog, sc in next 18 st, [sc2tog] 2 times – 21 st.
Round 13 – 15: (3 rounds) Sc in each st around – 21 st.

Stuff as far as you can and embroider face with black yarn. Use French knots to make eyes.

Round 16: Sc in next st, 5 dc pop in next st, sc in next 16 st, 5 dc pop in next st, sc in next 2 st – 21 st.
Round 17: Sc in each st around – 21 st.
Round 18: [Sc2tog, sc in next 5 st] 3 times – 18 st.
Round 19: [Sc2tog, sc in next st] 6 times – 12 st.
Round 20: [Sc2tog] 6 times – 6 st.
FO, leaving length of yarn. Finish stuffing and sew up hole at end.

Ch 5, turn, miss ch next to hook, ss in next 4 ch.
FO and sew to bottom. Sew or knot a little bit of brown yarn to the end to make a tuft.

Don’t forget to check out my free pattern of Leroy the Lion pin on her blog here!

Two new patterns tomorrow!

The Olympics were a while back, and I never did come out with a pattern for them. That was mostly due to the despute between Ravelry and USOC. If you havn’t heard about all that jazz, check it out here, it’s very interesting.

Aaany how, while I didn’t come out with a pattern for the Olympics, a friend and amazing crochet and pattern artist, Lucy, who lives in England, and I decided we would do a little pattern swap for the occasion. If you havn’t seen any of her work check out her blog and Etsy, it’s honestly incredible. She’s made some of the most awesome Star Wars themed amigurumi among the tons of other amigurumi patterns she has available.

London comissioned artist from around England to create works of art specifically for the Olympics, one of which were these absolutely amazing giant crocheted lions by Shauna Richardson. She is another incredible crochet artist, check out more about her work here. To comemorate this amazing feat in crocheting and somewhat the Olympics, Lucy and I decided to do a pattern swap focused on Lions.

She created a simply adorable amigurumi lion named Boris. Her, her kids, and Boris went to go visit the lions in London a few weeks back and talks about the incredible size of the crocheted beasts. Check out her blog entry here talking more about her trip. Tomorrow we’ll be doing the swap so check out her creation, Boris, here and my creation, Leroy the lion pin, on her site!

Calorie free cupcakes?!

You heard right! Well, they’re not really for eating though (unless you’re a goat).

If you didn’t know, Brenda from Sweet Simple Stuff and I did a blog swap last week. Her blog consists of candy, baked goods, and lots of cute idea’s for sweets, so, for our swap, she posted some not so fat free granny squares, you can check them out here, and I posted a free pattern for my Crocheted Cupcake Coasters (that’s an alliteration for all you grammar geeks out there 😉

You can buy these coasters on my Etsy here.

Along with this free pattern I came out with a cupcake themed beanie, and the pattern for that as well!

You can get the Cupcake Beanie pattern for $4 on Ravelry or Etsy, or by simply clicking –>HERE<–


Your grandma never made squares this sweet! (Blog Swap!)

Do you remember granny squares? I learned to crochet about 1975 … granny squares were very popular … I made afghans, ponchos and even a doggie sweater. Now in 2012 … I can’t believe that I am making granny square cupcakes! This project looks like many of my needlecraft projects … unfinished!

This is my first blog swap with Brenda at! Check out my post here!

This is what you will need:

– Brownie mix (or your own recipe that fits in a 9” x 13” pan) + ingredients that are called for (eggs, water, oil)
– Square cupcake pan
– Cupcake paper liners
– 2 cups your favorite frosting (your choice of color) in a pastry bag with a #17 tip
– ¼ cup melted chocolate/candy melts with a # 9 tip
– Nu Silver Luster Dust

Prepare your brownie batter and line the cupcake pan with the papers.  It is sometimes difficult to find square liners … so I just use the regular round ones and they work!  Also, if you don’t have a square cupcake pan … just bake in a rectangular or square pan and cut squares!

Fill with batter and bake (about 25 minutes) …

Look how they turned out …

Now the fun part … decorating with frosting … start in the center … just like crocheting a real granny square …

Of course you will need a crochet hook … how about a chocolate one?  I used real hooks for reference.  Work on wax paper … simply draw a hook using melted chocolate (or candy melts) … pop in the fridge for a few minutes to harden up …

I used “Nu Silver Luster Dust” and a dry brush to give the hook a bit of a metallic sheen …

Now you can lift the chocolate hook and place it with your “sweet” granny squares …

P. S.  I did find directions and charts for “real crocheted granny squares”  at 

This is a guest post by my friend Brenda at! She offers all kinds of sweet treats that are simply awesome!! I did a guest post on her site too including a new FREE pattern for some crocheted cupcake coasters that you can check out here: Let me know what you guys think in the comments, and expect a lot more guest posts coming soon!! 🙂