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Crocheting Bob Ross – Louie’s Loops Live: Themed Thursdays ~ Ep 7


Every week I crochet a new original character based on a sketch! Here’s this weeks!

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Unfortunately you missed the live stream :/ But you can watch the time-lapse recap here:

Welcome to Themed Thursdays, where I crochet something based on a theme! Today’s theme is Bob Ross!

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– Featured Pattern: Captain America –

Crochet Me: Smosh and Rhett and Link!

Hey guys! I haven’t posted a Crochet Me video here in a little while, so I figured I probably should. If Instagram or Twitter to @louiesloops with #crochetmelouie in the description and I’ll pick a different person each week to crochet!
you don’t know what “Crochet Me” is, it’s a series where I crochet a celebrity or Youtuber and make a time-lapse video of it with a mini stop motion animation at the end! I also crochet one viewer each week! If you guys want to be crocheted just post a picture on

Here’s a few of the past episodes where I made the Smosh Games team, and Rhett and Link! I hope you guys like them!