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Crochet Me: Smosh and Rhett and Link!

Hey guys! I haven’t posted a Crochet Me video here in a little while, so I figured I probably should. If Instagram or Twitter to @louiesloops with #crochetmelouie in the description and I’ll pick a different person each week to crochet!
you don’t know what “Crochet Me” is, it’s a series where I crochet a celebrity or Youtuber and make a time-lapse video of it with a mini stop motion animation at the end! I also crochet one viewer each week! If you guys want to be crocheted just post a picture on

Here’s a few of the past episodes where I made the Smosh Games team, and Rhett and Link! I hope you guys like them!


“Crochet Me”

If you guys didn’t know, I do a series on my YouTube channel called “Crochet Me“. Basically, for each episode I crochet a different YouTuber and a viewer and do a time-lapse of me crocheting the YouTuber.

Well I havn’t been posting them very often here, so I figured I’d just do a dump of the first 8 episodes of Crochet Me. See if you know any of the YouTubers, and let me know if there are any YouTubers you’d like me to make!

Also, if you or someone you know wants to be crocheted, I choose one viewer an episode to crochet, here are some examples of the people I’ve made.

If you want to be crocheted just post a picture to Twitter or Instagram to @louiesloops with #crochetmelouie

Hope you guys like these!

How to crochet: “Splitting”

Hey guys, so I’ve been using this technique for a while while crocheting that I call “splitting” where I split a row in half. Not sure what it’s really called, but figured that was a pretty decent name for it.

I use it in my amigurumi to make things like hoodies and hat brims, and used it a lot when I made Maleficent here. Anyhow, just thought I’d share it and show you guys how I do that and some things I make with it in a video. I’ll probably be coming out with a whole bunch of amigurumi tutorials pretty soon and going to definitely be posting some longer detailed stuff on my Patreon page here in the not so distant future.


Crochet Me: Episode 1 – Andy Rose

Hey guys, I wanna introduce you to yet another new series on my YouTube channel, and this one you can be a part of!  It’s called “Crochet Me” in it I crochet famous YouTubers one week then viewers the next! 

To be a part of “Crochet Me” just post a picture of yourself or someone you want me to crochet to @louiesloops on Instagram with the hashtag #crochetmelouie and I’ll choose one person every other week to crochet!

This week I made my friend and YouTuber Andy Rose. You can check out his channel here, and maybe I’ll be crocheting you next week!