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How to crochet: “Splitting”

Hey guys, so I’ve been using this technique for a while while crocheting that I call “splitting” where I split a row in half. Not sure what it’s really called, but figured that was a pretty decent name for it.

I use it in my amigurumi to make things like hoodies and hat brims, and used it a lot when I made Maleficent here. Anyhow, just thought I’d share it and show you guys how I do that and some things I make with it in a video. I’ll probably be coming out with a whole bunch of amigurumi tutorials pretty soon and going to definitely be posting some longer detailed stuff on my Patreon page here in the not so distant future.



What’s Patreon?
So if you don’t know what Patreon is, it’s basically a platform to support creators with the things they make, be it videos or little stuffed miniatures like me. You can pledge any amount of money you want per month and become a patron of the art! Think of it like an on going Kickstarter campaign, or even a tipping service, but with benefits.

I have a whole bunch of goals I’m aiming for, like a book, tons of new patterns, and eventually even hopefully to branch out! Check out all them here.

Kay, but what do I get out of it?
Other than helping me out also get a bunch of content that you wouldn’t normally. Things like: 
-Longer, more in-depth tutorials 
Video patterns for patrons only!
-Extra episodes of “Watch me Crochet” 
-Patreon specific Crochet Me’s 
-A decision in who I make next! 
-Patreon specific discounts and sales in my Etsy store 
-Being known as an awesome human by me! 

In addition if you pledge a certain amount of money you can get some extra perks like free patterns or I’ll even crochet you! Check out a list on the Patreon page here.