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Watch me Crochet: Maleficent

Hey guys! Came out with a new episode of “Watch me Crochet” yesterday where I make Maleficent from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, as well as in her new movie Maleficent! She was really fun to make, and is available in the Etsy store today!

I’m thinking of coming out with a pattern for her soon, but not sure how to go about that just yet as it is pretty dang complicated, but we’ll see.

Hope you guys like the video!

Here’s some more photos of her:

How to crochet: “Splitting”

Hey guys, so I’ve been using this technique for a while while crocheting that I call “splitting” where I split a row in half. Not sure what it’s really called, but figured that was a pretty decent name for it.

I use it in my amigurumi to make things like hoodies and hat brims, and used it a lot when I made Maleficent here. Anyhow, just thought I’d share it and show you guys how I do that and some things I make with it in a video. I’ll probably be coming out with a whole bunch of amigurumi tutorials pretty soon and going to definitely be posting some longer detailed stuff on my Patreon page here in the not so distant future.


Watch me Crochet: Link from The Legend of Zelda

 Aooo! New “Watch me Crochet” video up on my YouTube today! Someone suggested that I make link in the comments on the Iron Man watch me crochet, so here he is!

I also added him to my Etsy as a miniature/keychain as well as a pattern!

Lastly, before jumping to the video, you can check out the free pattern and video for his shield here!!

Don’t forget, he’s also a new featured item in my shop as of today!!

Keychains      |      Pattern    

Watch me Crochet: Frozen’s Anna and Elsa

Congrats to the new Oscar winning Disney film Frozen, and probably one of my top 5 favorite movies of last year.

Today I’ve got something great for you guys, well lots of somethings.

First off a brand new episode of Watch me Crochet where I crochet my two favorite princesses Anna and Elsa:

Not only that, but they are also the new featured items in my shop as of today!!

Keychains      |      Pattern