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Louie’s Loops Live: Monster Mondays ~ Ep 4


Every week I crochet a new original character based on a sketch! Here’s this weeks!

Bummer you missed it, but I’m live every Monday and Thursday at 5pm now! So I’ll see you then!


Aww, you missed it! But don’t worry! I’m live every week on Monday’s and Thursdays at 5pm PST! Subscribe on YouTube here, or follow on Twitch here to make sure you don’t miss it next time!

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Featured Pattern: Bob the Insominable Snowman

Classic Link Amigurumi

Pattern can be downloaded immediately after purchase

Have your own crocheted Link sitting safe and sound on your dresser or hanging on your back pack! This little Link from The Legend of Zelda miniature amigurumi measures about 2 inches tall when finished and includes 5 unique video tutorials to help you get through the tough parts!

Materials needed:
– Worsted Weight yarn
– Size US-G/4.00mm
– Needle to sew in ends
– Scissors
– A small amount of stuffing
– Pipe cleaner
Stitches used:
– (slip stitch)
– Sc (Single crochet)
– Dec (Decrease)
Difficulty: ● ● ● ○ ○
*Includes video tutorials!*

Louie’s Loops Live: Monster Mondays ~ Ep 3


Every week I crochet a new original character based on a sketch! Here’s this weeks!

Watch me make it live tonight (1/16/17) live right here!


Welcome to Monster Mondays, where I crochet a completely original creation! Join the chat where you get to talk with me, choose a name and vote on next weeks monster!

Vote on next weeks Monster:

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Last weeks Monster: Bob the Insominable Snowman

Princess Leia Amigurumi

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Louie’s Loops Live: Monster Mondays ~ Ep 2

Welcome to Monster Mondays, where I make a completely 100% original crocheted creature!

Join the conversation here:

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Introducing the Woggles

Okay so this might be a bit much… but this is a Woggle:

This one’s name is Friar, he’s the first one I found.

I found him in a fossilized egg, within a fallen asteroid found on the beach. (← video of when I found it)

It then hatched and ran a bit of havoc in my apartment, so I set up a security camera to catch it

It took forever to find, but when I finally did thinks got even weirder…

First off, it looked EXACTLY like something I’d crochet

Also I realized they will only move when nobody is watching, which is why it was so hard for me to find!

I then found out that they were somehow… lucky? I don’t really know how to explain it but they just knew things and things always worked out for them!

That’s when I realized I found an alien. I know that’s quite a step to make, but I explain it here. (← video)

Then… a few days later, it laid an egg

This meant that they must be asexual! Meaning they don’t need a male and a female to reproduce! It was super interesting.

When the egg hatched it came out like this:

I named this one Erdle.

Then I realized. They hatch to look like what’s around them! This must be why they look crocheted, because I have crocheted things everywhere, and I have yarn everywhere!

Also they matched the things that were around them, like my red carpet for Friar, and the blue and yellow socks for Erdle! Meaning they’re perfectly camouflaged in!

So then I went down to Souther California for the holidays and brought all the Woggles and eggs that I had down with me so they didn’t wreck havoc in my house without me there

And when I came back…

I must have missed an egg, because there were Woggles all over my room!

Now my apartment is filled with these aliens and I don’t know what to do with them all!

So I started an adoption site at

If you or anyone you know would be a good home for one, please reach out to me at [email protected]

And you can watch the full series of videos from this here:

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Bulbasaur Mini Amigurumi Pattern

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Bummer, you missed it, but I made this guy during a live stream! I do them every week and if you’re watching live you get the pattern for free!

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Introducing Louie’s Loops Live

Hey there! I started doing live videos! I’m calling it Louie’s Loops Live. It’s a twice the week live show, Mondays and Thursdays starting at 6pm PST. You can watch live by going to when I go live! Here’s what each show is about:

Monster Mondays – Mondays 6pm PST

Watch me make a completely 100% original creature for the first time ever while we listen to some of my favorite tunes! And the audience gets to choose what goes into the creature, including the name!
Mondays 6pm PST




Themed Thursdays – Thursdays 6pm PST

Crochet along with me while I make this weeks newest pattern! Every episode is themed, and this week is for a mini Bulbasaur! Oh and you get the pattern for FREE if you’re watching along!
Thursdays 6pm PST



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We Built a Bench on the Beach – Not What I Usually Do

So my roommate and I started going to the beach everyday this year. We live right on the cost in San Francisco so it’s not really too difficult for us to do. The bench was built on July 31st 2016, and it looked like this:


We ended up adding things to it like a throne (pictured), a table (below) and another post for BYOH (bring your own hammock)

img_4567 img_7193

People seemed to really enjoy it. We made books for the bench titled “What’s important to you” and “What would you have done differently” for people kinda join in the fun. And it was pretty sturdy and well received. It ended up lasting for about 3 months until…

img_5537 img_3477 img_8696
A storm came and did a real number on the bench. The sand rose to the benches seat and the ocean took away most of the materials.

So we rebuilt…

img_4803 img_4805

It’s definitely not as nice as the old one, but it’s a start…

img_1486There’s a lot still to do, but this time we know what were doing a lot more. The posts are buried about double their height above ground, keeping the center pieces “locked” in and unable to move. The bench bottom is resting on rock, (instead of wood like last time) to keep it a bit more steady as well. And we left a gap in the bottom so that the ocean can flow freely under, rather then bombarding it and slowly taking pieces away.

Here’s the plaque that Garrett (my roommate) and I made for the bench to try to share why it was built and what it means to us..

img_4530It reads:

” ‘You may wander, but go with curiosity, because wandering with curiosity is exploration.’ – Louis and Garrett

Dedicated to the three C’s of life: Compassion, Creativity, and Community”

How to Crochet: a Pac-Man Ghost

I was getting ready for Halloween and started making a ghost, when I thought… “Wait.. why don’t I just turn this into a Pac-Man Ghost!” So I did!

This pattern is my very first Pocket Pattern! What’s a pocket pattern? I’m glad you asked Louie!


Pocket Patterns are free printer friendly PDF’s that can be easily folded up into a small booklet and taken on the go!

I explain it all in the video after the jump…

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