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How to Crochet: a Pac-Man Ghost

I was getting ready for Halloween and started making a ghost, when I thought… “Wait.. why don’t I just turn this into a Pac-Man Ghost!” So I did!

This pattern is my very first Pocket Pattern! What’s a pocket pattern? I’m glad you asked Louie!


Pocket Patterns are free printer friendly PDF’s that can be easily folded up into a small booklet and taken on the go!

I explain it all in the video after the jump…

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How to Crochet: Acorns

You can thank my mom for this pattern, who requested me to make around 20 of these little acorns, so thanks mom!

Todays pattern is brought to you by…. you! No seriously, I couldn’t do this without my Patreon supporters so if you wanna help out and get a bunch of other perks (other than being awesome) check out my Patreon page here!

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