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How to make Hair for your Amigurumi

Hey guys! I’ve got a new tutorial for you guys! I realzed while making a pattern that it’s really tough to explain how I make hair via text, so I thought it’d probably just be easiest to make a video for it! So here you go, a video showing how I make the hair for my amigurumis, and check out the new pattern for Jon Snow that’s up today in the Etsy store!

How to Crochet: a Dragon Applique

I’m a bit behind on posts, so I’m gonna squish two posts into one with this! My roommate and I loooove Game of Thrones. We watch it every Sunday and are in deep love with the characters. So to commemorate the beginning of season 4 which started a few weeks back, I made Daenerys and Jon Snow from the show!!

I even decided to make a Watch me Crochet episode for Daenerys on my YouTube which you can watch right here:


They came out soo awesome, and I decided to come out with a free pattern to show how to crochet a tiny dragon too! So here it is. Warning though, it is more of a free form pattern than a written one, so the episodes more of a Crochet along pattern. You’ll get it..

Well I hope you guys liked all of that jazz. I know it’s a lot to take in. If you want to get updated on new stuff quicker make sure to check out my YouTube for videos, and Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter where I post every time there’s something new!
And check back soon in the Etsy shop for the Daenerys and Jon Snow patterns!!