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How to crochet: A Witch / Wizard Hat

It’s Halloween time again! I’m a huge fan of this time of year, so to celebrate I’ve got a few new patterns for you guys! First off, let me plug my patterns that I have for sale new as of today! Check out these two new patterns, Gandalf and a Witch!

So lets get to the free pattern of today, how to make a witches hat! I use this pattern for the witch, Gandalf, and even for Link!

– Pattern –
Materials needed:
– Worsted Weight Yarn
– Size US-G/4.00mm
– Needle to sew in ends
Stitches used:
– Ss : Slip-stitch
– Sc : Single Crochet
– Hdc : Half -double Crochet
– Dec/Inc : Decrease/Increase
– FLO/BLO :Front/Back loops only

All in black
Ch 2 or use adjustable ring (Don’t Turn)

Rnd 1: Work 4 sc in 2nd ch from hook or into magic hoop (4)

Rnd 2: Working in BLO, sc in each st (4)

Rnd 3: [sc, inc] repeat once (6)hat2

Rnd 4: sc in each st (6)

Rnd 5: inc 2, sc 4 (8)

Rnd 6: sc, inc 2, sc 5 (10)

Rnd 7: sc 2, inc 2, sc 6 (12)

Rnd 8: [sc 3, inc] repeat 3 times (15)

Rnd 9: [sc 4, inc] repeat 3 times (18)

Rnd 10: [sc 5, inc] repeat 3 times (21)

Rnd 11: sc 15, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 2, inc, sc 3 (24)

Rnd 12: Working in FLO, sc in first, hdc in each st around (24)

Sc one in both loops of the first sc made in this Rnd, ss in next st, cut long to sew onto head and pull through.

Using purple, sew a strand around the outside, then use yellow to sew on a buckle in the middle.



Happy Halloween! You can get the full pattern for the Witch and all her Halloween monster friends in my new Pattern Bundle available here:

How to Crochet: a Dragon Applique

I’m a bit behind on posts, so I’m gonna squish two posts into one with this! My roommate and I loooove Game of Thrones. We watch it every Sunday and are in deep love with the characters. So to commemorate the beginning of season 4 which started a few weeks back, I made Daenerys and Jon Snow from the show!!

I even decided to make a Watch me Crochet episode for Daenerys on my YouTube which you can watch right here:


They came out soo awesome, and I decided to come out with a free pattern to show how to crochet a tiny dragon too! So here it is. Warning though, it is more of a free form pattern than a written one, so the episodes more of a Crochet along pattern. You’ll get it..

Well I hope you guys liked all of that jazz. I know it’s a lot to take in. If you want to get updated on new stuff quicker make sure to check out my YouTube for videos, and Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter where I post every time there’s something new!
And check back soon in the Etsy shop for the Daenerys and Jon Snow patterns!!